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  • Dec, 06 2019
    Patrick Smith
    My family and I went to this gym for years bu after a week ago we decided enough is enough with this gym.

    Firstly, the New Milford location hasn't always been bad, but since the new manager arrived "val" or something (some stuck-up guy in his 20s who knows absolutely nothing about fitness equipment or fitness in general) the gym has been a mess.

    I live in Florida for the majority of the year, but still belong to the club. So there's stretches of months of a time where I don't see the gym; the most pathetic part is, you expect something to be different because you've been gone for so long -- sadly, the only differences are broken equipment for some reason still being used by the gym. I feel bad for people who actually use this gym. The worst part is the gym charges ridiculous "maintenance fees" which reach 40, even 60$.

    A few things that should be covered by the maintenance allowance, but aren't are:

    1. 2 out of the 3 barbells are bent and broken. Not usable, they're a safety hazard and open themselves up to liability with faulty equipment. They're not even standard 45 lb barbells.. they're only 35 lbs..

    2. The floor has holes in it and for 3 years now the manager has tried to simply cover them with tape.. people trip almost every time i'm in there -- and I have too

    3. Machines are constantly broken.. not many machines to begin with.

    4. There are only a handful of plates plates, many missing, manager refuses to replace.

    5. Missing dumbells, uneven, missing pairs, dumbells only go up to 60 lbs..

    6. The entire gym is disgusting in general. It's literally falling apart.

    On top of everything, this gym is sneaky and deceptive. Hidden cancellations fees (90$) and "maintenance fees" ($60). The manager
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